Our professional training courses rely on effective storytelling, personal engagement and active participation. The result is improved learning and retention so your staff can apply these lessons all year round. (Plus, we make the time pass quickly and keep everyone engaged.)

We’re people too and understand that sitting and listening for 3 hours to “the legal ramifications of XYZ” is not the best way to spend a morning — it’s boring and your staff will be thinking about the work they have back at their desk or their plans for the evening instead of the training material in front of them. Instead, we recommend participants engage in a highly interactive, fun, story-based course that makes learning the top priority.

MH Training Group’s live training courses make it easy to focus, get involved and access the content you do need to know. We implement proven teaching methods for improving retention and application of each lesson. Each presentation is high touch and fast-paced to prevent “training fatigue.”

Training Workshop
Trainers Dustin & Kate Leading a Training Workshop


Leadership & Management Training

Crafting Company Culture

A great company culture does not happen by accident. Effective teams and companies are the result of intentional and repeated effort by leaders and managers. The first part of this workshop looks at different types of company cultures and helps define what your company culture is at present and where you would like to be. The second part focuses on pragmatic, achievable actions and methods that leaders can use to communicate, build and improve culture with their teams and employees.

Managing Team Collaboration

In this workshop you will receive specific guidance and activities to building collaboration in a whole range of situations and between individuals, within groups and across organizations. You will engage in team building activities that communicate the key points and can be used within your own team as well. You will learn how to help small teams and large teams be more productive and communicative.

Presentation Skills

Be confident and prepared to persuade your teams, present to the board, or deliver company updates in a format that entertains and educates. This workshop is focused on advanced methods to turn your presentation or talk into a powerful story that engages your audience. You will learn and practice turning any topic into a fast-paced presentation that is remembered for its content and its delivery.

Leading with Stories

The best leaders know how to tell a good story. Although hard facts are important, “fact overwhelm” drains the enthusiasm from your audience and they disengage. Leading with a story allows you to speak to your company, team or an audience in an impactful and memorable way. You’ll learn time saving methods that will help you to find your own authentic stories, connect it your larger point, and tell it a comfortable way.

Sales & Customer Success Training

Crafting The Customer Experience

This workshop will help you redefine what the customer experience could be. You’ll learn the arc of a customer experience and proven principles that give your brand personality. Participants will be able to identify hidden opportunities unique to their stage(s) of the customer lifecycle and develop creative solutions.


The most successful salespeople are honest and share a compelling message that draws from methods of storytelling. You and your team will learn how to transform the distinctive elements of your product, service or offering into a memorable story that only you can tell.

Hiring & Onboarding Training

Hiring for Cultural Fit

Growing companies are particularly prone to hiring too quickly without considering how each hire impacts the culture of the company. This workshop guides managers and Human Resource teams through the process of identifying expectations and making sure new hires fit those expectations. You will develop questions and indicators that will allow them to identify if a candidate fits within the company.

Communicating Company Values

It can be difficult to make new hires make them feel as part of the team. You will learn how to build or restructure an onboarding process to bring new hires through the critical first months, accelerating their cultural fit and their value to the organization. In addition to Human Resource departments, special attention to the roles of C-Suite and senior managers who work with key new hires.

Human Resource Training

Diversity, Inclusion & Talent Management

A sustainable and vibrant work community requires a diverse workforce by age, ethnicity, and education. This workshop improves on the standard form of Diversity Training by helping participants contribute new ways to positively engage with colleagues different that themselves. In particular, we approach the topic by looking at mentorship throughout the organization.

Sexual Harassment Training

Designed for non-human resource professionals, participants will learn what sexual harassment is, how to prevent it, standing up for one’s self and others, and how to prevent retaliation. We craft our message and training environment to be positive, engaging, and respectful.


People outside the industry tend to think of HR people as “managers”, and that if they can just manage the people, and the meetings, and the paperwork in an organized way, then they’ve achieved success. But insiders know that HR is really about leadership, and getting the buy-in of staff to perform at their absolute best. Managing people is difficult, but leading can sometimes feel impossible. That’s why MH Training Group works with HR professionals to make their job easier.

At MH Training Group, we are experts at adult education — we tell stories and run activities that make an environment where people WANT to learn. These techniques are scientifically proven to increase engagement and retention. In our training workshops we craft our message to be positive, engaging, and respectful. We do the work so that your staff buy-in and follow best practices all year round.

Training Session
Our training is all about participation


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