3 Ways To Increase Employee Engagement

It’s no secret that there’s an engagement problem in today’s workplace. A 2015 Psychometrics Engagement Study found that a whopping 69% of employees believed their company had an engagement problem, while 82% felt it was critical for their organization to address this issue.

It’s also no secret that better engaged employees are better performing employees, and that’s crucial to your success as a company. Studies have shown almost 80% of employees who considered themselves highly engaged trust their managers, and those employees who feel as though their company values them are 60% more likely to feel motivated to do their absolute best for the business.

Below are three awesome ways to boost your employee morale and help ensure you have a dedicated, committed team.


  • Volunteer together.  Paying it forward is never a bad idea, and what better way to inspire feelings of camaraderie than with a team building volunteering event? Spend a day building houses with Habitat for Humanity, serve food at a local soup kitchen, or head down to the animal shelter to get in a little exercise with adorable pooches in need of walks.
  • Celebrate success. Always ensure that your employees’ achievements don’t go unnoticed. Celebrating successes, both big and small, can have a hugely positive impact on your workforce – and that’s critical to keeping your employees happy, engaged, and committed to your company.
  • Train together. Learning something new as a team can have a number of positive effects on your company. Your employees will undergo awesome training that’ll leave them with new or improved skills, they’ll bond as they work together as a team, and they’ll feel valuable enough that the business invested in them. A team training workshop is a win-win-win for everyone involved.


The bottom line is that the key to high engagement is to make your employees feel valued. A happy employee is, in all likelihood, an engaged employee, and it’s clear that engaged employees are simply better for all facets of your business.


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