Why Good Employees Quit – And How You Can Stop That From Happening To Your Business

Good employees are, without a doubt, the lifeblood of business. Companies should do whatever they possibly can to keep these rockstars in their workforce, but it doesn’t always work out so easily. Why do good employees leave? Bestselling author Dr. Travis Bradberry sums it up in a recent article for The Huffington Post:

“People don’t leave jobs; they leave managers.”

According to Dr. Bradberry, the top nine most egregious things managers do to their employees that spark them to quit are as follows:

  • They overwork people.
  • They don’t recognize contributions and reward good work.
  • They don’t care about their employees.
  • They don’t honor their commitments.
  • They hire and promote the wrong people.
  • They don’t let people pursue their passions.
  • They fail to develop people’s skills.
  • They fail to engage their creativity.
  • They fail to challenge people intellectually.

The good news about the above list is that everything on it is fixable. It’s possible that management doesn’t quite realize how their actions affect employees – or it’s possible you’ve hired the wrong managers. Either way, management training will give you the insight you need to determine how to ensure you have the right leaders in your company.

Whether you have managers who need to learn how to correct the aforementioned behaviors or if you simply want to put measures into place to avoid such problems in the first place, management training offers solutions and strategies to help you keep the best employees with your business and away from your competition.

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